Langston Hughes: Poems

In the poem "note on commercial theatre ," what does Hughes think of the way popular culture treated blue music ? What does he hope will happen ?

Langston Hughes made some very careful choices in his poetry . One was using simple , spare language to communicate powerful ideas .

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In this very short poem, we see that Hughes believed the entertainment industry took the music so dear to his heart and soiled it by adapting and transitioning it according to modern needs and desires. It's almost as if they've polluted the music, using it in every way but that for which it was intended..... taking someone elses music..... stealing it and making it their own.

We also see the hope that the music the way it was meant to be heard and played will live on..... or at least experience rebirth; hope that the man.... the maker of the music will be remembered for what he was.... and remembered through the medium he loved.