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how were romance stories originally told and by whom

the literature of romance (where good always triumphs)

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I suppose romance stories have been around in some fashion since story-telling began. The "love always triumphs" stuff is still around today although the mature reader knows this is merely escape fiction. "Romance novels" and such pump these stories out but there are certainly other stories that portray romance in a more realistic light.

this didnt really answer the question i was asking

I'n not sure what you mean by "originally". You could go to the 14th century and many of them involved God, the supernatural, chivalry and some sort of moral. There was not one person that told them. In the 14th century, that you mentioned in your previous question, authors included Giovanni Boccaccio, Geoffrey Chaucer, Petrarch, and Dante. I hope that helps a little.

Romance stories have been around for hundreds of years. As a theme, romance was developed in a few different ways, and was depicted as a love story and just as often a "love affair."

"Roumant" was a French word, taken by the English to describe these stories. Originally, the were often mystical, filled with magic and otherworldly characters...... and for this reason they were also known as "tall tales."

In the eary Middle Ages, a romanz became officially deemed a literary work or "un romanz," translated as a novel.