Lady Chatterley's Lover

The role of sexual discourse in Lady Chatterley's Lover ?


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Lawrence was voicing touchy subjects about sex when people were not ready to hear about it. The book initially was banned in many places, but has come to being one of the most influential stories in the studies of sex and everything that goes along with it. The touchy subjects discussed in this book showed a generation that sex was something that needed to be talked about. Specifically, the issue of bodily injury and loss of sexual function is huge research topic with sex. The ins and outs of how this affected the relationship in the novel is one that jumpstarted research on the subject.

We see that this novel led us in the direction of Sexual Discourse, in which the sexual repertoire is broadening. People are starting to realize that sex is something that is going to be talked about, and it starts to become more of a recreational activity. People are starting to see sex as a lifestyle and think of it as fun. We will later see the pornographication of sex, and we move into sex in the media. However, Lawrence was way ahead of his time with this novel, as we see. Before sexual discourse, it seemed very inappropriate to discuss sex. Now we are teaching that it is very inappropriate to NOT discuss sex (Gowing, 2009).