Kurt Vonnegut's Short Stories

what are the conflicts in the short story "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow"

I read the story, summary and the analysis but I can't really decide what conflicts there are in the story.
I said man vs. man because the descendants are all fighting for the approval of gramps (to get into his inheritance)

I know there is a problem with society but there isn't really a character struggling with it.

I really can't think of anything please help!

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Through the allusion, Vonnegut comments upon the lives of characters who live in a world where everyone has the comfort of life, but no duty or pressure to contribute anything good or positive. Indeed, this idea resonates throughout Vonnegut's story. Rather than living their long lives to the fullest, the Schwartz family spends most of their days watching television. The irony is that they live in a world that had gotten rid of the most severe dangers - sickness and death - and yet this comfort only elucidates the meaningless of their lives.