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the style of an author who uses many adjectives and adverbs might be called

It is just a question I am asking because it is not in the article

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In "Children of the Sea," the author uses all lower-case letters and a bold font as a way to differentiate the journal entries of the two characters. Bold font is also used in "New York Day Women" for the mother's voice in the narrator's head.

The writing style is, in general, spare and laconic, with relatively few rhetorical flourishes or literary tropes used. This, along with first-person narrative point of view, contributes to the sense that the stories are being told by real, ordinary women. However, the author does occasionally use metaphors and similes, as in "The Missing Peace," when rocks are said to "shimmer like chunks of gold" (p. 103), or in "Between the Pool and the Gardenias" when a sewer is described as "as open as a hungry child's yawn" (p. 91).