King Solomon's Mines

what did Umbopa tell about his life and himself?

chapter6 The Witch -hunt.

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Umbopa suddenly interjects that Infadoos does not know Ignosi is truly dead. He takes up the tale of Ignosi and his mother from the point in Infadoos’ account where mother and child fled to the mountains: they reached the Amazulu people, kin of the Kukuana, and stayed with them for many years. When Ignosi’s mother died, the young man journeyed to the land of the white people to learn their wisdom. He learned and waited until the opportunity afforded itself to return to Kukuanaland with men seeking a lost brother. To Infadoos’ incredulous retort, Umbopa replies, “I am Ignosi, rightful king of the Kukuanas!” As proof, Umbopa slips off his “moocha” and reveals the serpent tattoo found only on Kukuana royalty.