King Leopold's Ghost

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How did imperialism free King Leopold from his other duties as a ruler?

What about the Congo region attracted European powers?

How did King Leopold’s interest in the Congo change over time?

How was the leader of such a small country (Belgium) able to amass such wealth and power over such a vast area and large population?

Did greed take precedence over morality and humanity in this book? Please supply examples.

Why did Europeans support Belgian aggression and brutality?

Why did they do nothing to stop the Belgians?

What role did disease play in the subjugation of the Congolese?

Why are historical events such as the Holocaust more infamous than the Congo atrocities?

How should King Leopold be remembered?

What current problems in Africa might have resulted from colonial exploitation?

Is this work more of a historical narrative or human rights document? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this book as a source of history?  

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