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Lesson 11 CGG3O Key Question 29

Does anybody have the answer for this? I don't understand the question or how to go about it... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Really embarassed to ask, but it can't hurt.... Thank you for your time and help, I appreciatet every bit!

You are an expert on the topic of effective ecotourism.You have been asked by the government of Costa Rica to write a plan proposing an ecotourism lodge east of the small town of Quepos (pronounced Ke-pos). Quepos, on the west coast of Costa Rica, first developed as a small port to export locally grown bananas. The banana industry suffered too much competition from other countries, so the town now focuses on exporting palm oil (from local palm plantations) and tourism. There are a number of tourism resorts near the town. The town is very close to the Manuel Antonio National Park, which is very popular for day trips from the resorts. Quepos has a population of 13 000 and contains a regional hospital. The lodge will be located in the lower rainforest of the hills, some 25 kilometres east of the town. A small population lives in the area. Some work in the palm plantations, but there is a lot of unemployment. The proposal you are to write is for an ecolodge that will have trails into the surrounding rainforest. Its location is near two rivers that can also be used for canoeing. You wrote a proposal in Lesson 6. As you did then, use the following organizer to help you arrange your thoughts.

Proposal Title Propose an attractive name for the ecolodge. (2 marks)

Hint: suggest something in tune with nature.Rationale This justifies why the proposal should be accepted. Write two sentences explaining why both sustainable tourism and ecotourism are necessary in today's world. (4 marks)

Paragraph 1 Climate: write a short paragraph in which you explain why this is an attractive climate for year-round tourism. (4 marks) Hint: include both temperature and precipitation.

Paragraph 2 Stability: Write a short paragraph in which you explain the peaceful nature of this country. Discuss four points that make Costa Rica different from its neighbours. Hint: review the notes in the case study of Costa Rica. (8 marks)

Paragraph 3 Economy: Write a short paragraph in which you explain why developing tourism is good for Costa Rica's economy. (2 marks) Hint: focus on the meaning of "diversifying" an economy.

Paragraph 4 Staffing: Explain where you intend to find staffing for the ecolodge. (2 marks) Hint: review the guiding principles of sustainable tourism in this lesson.s

Paragraph 5 Activities: Describe at least three activities that can take place around the ecolodge. (6 marks) Hint: use an Internet search engine such as Google and look at the plants and species that can be found in Costa Rica.

Paragraph 6 Create a list of Six Golden EcoRules that guests of the ecolodge must follow while staying at the lodge (these rules should follow the principles of good ecotourism). (6 marks) Example: There must be minimal harm to the natural surroundings of the area. No wild flowers may be collected.

Conclusion A brief summary of your six main paragraphs. (six or seven sentences) (6 marks)

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