King Lear

Edmund as a villan

1. explain 'woe that too late '

2.why does lear call himself a dragon

3. explain 'time will unfold

4. Cordelia an unfortunate tragic character.

5. what makes lear understand his mistake and repent

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1 - Lear is suffering from the mistreatment at the hands of his daughters. He means "it sucks to realize you've done wrong when it's too late." He is assuming they will later regret their actions, but it will no longer matter because he won't forgive them.

2 - Lear tells Kent not to come between a "dragon and his wrath." He is so self-involved he doesn't realize that Cordelia shows true love for him, and is convinced his "wrath" over her refusal to flatter is justified. He is a dragon who feels justified in his wrath and won't hear otherwise.

3 - This is Cordelia expressing her belief that the maniacal cunning of others will ultimately be revealed. It shows her optimism that good will out bad. Her optimism is not repaid, since she dies.

4 - Cordelia is pure and believes that truth and honesty will prevail. She is tragic because she pursues this noble good all the way to her death.

5 - Hm. The whole play is Lear confronting the depth of his mistake. But I'd say the big realization comes after Goneril and Regan kick him out of their homes when he won't get rid of his full retinue. He begins to realize his 'wrath' was misguided. Cordelia's death is the final nail in the coffin of his awareness of his error.

1.) you'll be sorry later, but it will be to late.

2.)the dragon is symbolic of Kingship/ throughout history Kings have compared themselves to dragons and used dragons as emblems.

3.) time will tell

4.) tragic? not really. Her father is cruel to her because she refused to say she loved him in the beginning of the play..... that set the tone for the relationship between them, but on the whole she's loved by everyone; nobleman and common man.

5.) The behavior of his two 'evil' daughters give him insight into the fact he may have treated Cordelia badly. He discovers that his terrible errors and personal vanity caused Cordelia unjust pain and from here he descends into madness.


King Lear