Where did uncle send David to? For what?What dangers did David face ?


chapter 4

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David's uncle told him of a grand staircase in an unfinished tower of the house. At the top of the stairs was a chest with papers which the old man wanted. David asked for a light but the man refused so David set outside in the darkness. As he neared the tower, the sky lit brightly with lightening. He felt for the door, unlocked it, and stumbled inside feeling for the solid grand staircase. It felt secure as his uncle had said and he started climbing. After some time, another flash of lightening came and the entire tower lit up, displaying to David that the walls were not finished and the stairs were of different lengths. He would have fallen into the well if the lightening had not shone. Angered, he continued to climb on hands and knees to determine how high the stair went. He came to a spot where the stairs, unfinished, completely stopped. His uncle had sent him to die.