What happens to all of alans money as well as david's How is the problem resolved?

from chapter 22-24

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Cluny and Alan played cards for several days and that Alan appeared to be losing after the second day. When Alan asked him for money, he was too ill to refuse.

On the third day, David finally came to his senses and was able to rise and step outside. Cluny spoke to him in Gaelic when he returned. David had to admit he did not understand. Annoyed, Cluny asked if he had the strength to move on. David mentioned their little money and Alan was forced to admit that he had lost both of their purses. The chief mumbled that he would certainly not take their money. Alan looked down in humiliation. David took the chief aside and asked what he should do since neither option allowed any of the three to retain his pride. David voiced that he had been correct in thinking that gambling was dangerous. Though angered, Cluny returned the money to David and shook his hand.