How do David and Alan rest? What does David do that betrays the trust of Alan has in him? How was David to know when to wake Alan?

from chapters 22-24

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When they noticed the soldiers setting up camp for the night, David begged that they rest as well. Alan refused, exclaiming that they must reach the mountain. David did not know if he could continue so Alan offered to carry him. In disbelief, David agreed to keep moving.  They finally rest at Cluny's  dwelling called the Cage. David mentioned their little money and Alan was forced to admit that he had lost both of their purses. The chief mumbled that he would certainly not take their money. Alan looked down in humiliation. David took the chief aside and asked what he should do since neither option allowed any of the three to retain his pride. David voiced that he had been correct in thinking that gambling was dangerous. Though angered, Cluny returned the money to David and shook his hand.