Chapter 27

the conversation between Ran Keiller and David goes into detail. Give an account of everything when David tries to introduce himself with Ran Keiller? What does Ran Keiller mention about himself?

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While David was staring, a man exited the house and came toward David. David gathered his nerves and asked the man for directions to Mr. Rankeillor. As luck would have it, the man was Mr. Rankeillor. David asked for an interview and Rankeillor asked for his name. After hearing David's name, Rankeillor looked at David strangely so David explained that he had been many places of which would be best to speak of in privacy.

Rankeillor thought it over and then let David into his home. Inside, Rankeillor asked David to keep his story brief, throwing in a Latin phrase as a test. He was pleased that David understood him. David began by stating that he was the rightful heir to the Shaws. He had trouble continuing so Rankeillor asked him questions about his upbringing and the meetings he had with his uncle Ebenezer and Captain Hoseason. Rankeillor then noted that David's story fit with what details Rankeillor knew. Rankeillor agreed conditionally but when Alan's name came up, told David to use the alias Mr. Thomson. He likely recognized Alan's name in conjunction with the murder of Red Fox. David agreed to the farce and substituted different names for all of the Highlander characters he discussed. After the story was completed, Rankeillor moralized the adventures, mentioning that he did not approve totally of "Mr. Thomson" but understood his companionship with David. David was grateful for Rankeillor's civilized company. However, he was still embarrassed when he looked at his own clothing. Noticing, Rankeillor invited him to dinner, gave him a change of clothes, and allowed him to wash.