Chapter 24

Why was Alan angry and ashamed? Why did David remark " And even to think of it privily to myself, make my cheeks burn"?

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One of Cluny's gillies, while carrying Alan and David's bags, led them to a hiding place near Loch Rannoch. The march occurred in silence as David was angered by Alan's actions at the Cage and Alan was embarrassed. David thought often of separation. He wished that Alan would suggest the idea. But Alan was not this gracious and David would not be so ungrateful as to suggest it himself. David also resented that Alan assumed that David would share the money he took back from Cluny. With these two subjects of pride boiling in David's temper, he remained silent, barely making eye contact with Alan. Alan noticed and finally apologized, noting that he did not wish to be where he was not welcome.