Keats' Poems and Letters

la belle dame sans merci

la belle dame sans merci tells of a mystical world where evil reigns and human are left feeling vulnerable and far do you agree with this comment on the poem?

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la belle dame sans merci............. beautiful woman without mercy.

This is a poem of mystery and can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. For the most part, we're going to sympathize with the Knight....... he didn't know the woman, she's not mortal, she may not even be real........ rather an enchantment or a vision of his imagination. The lady takes him to the perfect world; but is it perfect? Is he well fed or starved; will he die because this is an unattainable world or will he leave and suffer; she tricks him, but does the trickery really destroy him completely? Just some food for thought.......... this is a BEAUTIFUL poetic piece.


la belle dame sans merci