Kate Chopin's Short Stories

Women in the 19th century, Kate Chopin

Hello there,

I have to write a term paper on women in the 19th century. My focus is on Kate Chopin's short stories 'Désirée's Baby', 'La Belle Zoraide' and 'In Sabine' (<- these three I selected so far)

I have a problem in finding a suitable topic relating these stories on several points.

(also problems in finding a good thesis statement too)

Any clues?

Thanks so far

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I think I'd focus on the way Chopin viewed the role of women as wives and mothers and accordingly went onto portray these roles in her short stories and novels. I'm not sure how In Sabine would work with this topic, only because it is written from the standpoint that marriage isn't for everyone. Regardless, Chopin never fails to confront the traditional roles of women in one way or another, and each of these stories would work in a different way. We have women's issues, racial issues, and social issues interspersed between all of these stories....... but I'd onlt focus on "one." Don't go with several point, work your paper around one point, with at least one example from each text. Obviously, one of these texts will provide you with the most information........ 'La Beele Zoraide,' is the piecce I'm least familiar with, but isn't its focus on the 'mulatto' tradition and its ultimately tragic consequence?