Kate Chopin's Short Stories

is louise mallard really in love with her husband?

would she ever leave him? is it possible to confuse love with duty?

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Louise Mallard was probably not in love with her husband. It is more likely that she married through obligation, tradition and social acceptance. We are told in the story-

And yet she had loved him--sometimes. Often she had not.

This seems to suggest that he was not an abusive man, and they were comfortable but not particularly happy. She would not have contemplated leaving him as it was not acceptable for a woman to do so. She has no real cause to leave him, and would have no life without him, as a husband would retain all property. Her only opportunity to be 'free' is for him to die and leave her their property - or the actual solution Chopin presents us with - her own death.


'The Story of an Hour' - Kate Chopin