Kama Sutra

does part 4 of kamasutra suit for 21st century women???

women duties according to vatsayana is keeping house clean,cooking tasteful food,satisfying his husband's desires,maintaining gardens,satisying his pleassures without her intrests,living according to his husband,no invlvement of her in money matters or outside matters e.t.c.........why did he degrade women like this...beating her confidence and making women as slave to his husband and his family??????????

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Historically, it was a woman's duty to take care of the homefront, raise the children, and perform any home related tasks. During most of history, this would not have been considered degrading....... it was simply what a wife was expected to do. Today, this wouldn't go over very well. Women have careers and are used to earning their own money and doing what they like. None-the-less, I also know quite a few women who would love to stay home and take care of their familes without the stress of the workplace.