Julius Caesar

Why is their marriage different from ancient Roman Marriages?

in details please

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Who's marriage? Brutus'?

ya brutus

Brutus and Portia's marriage appears to be based on mutual respect and love. Portia is not afraid to stand up to Brutus and demand that he treat her as a "woman well reputed." She desires to share his secrets and his worries, and she is even willing to wound herself to show her bravery. When she slashes her thigh, she is showing that she will not reveal Brutus' secrets even under pain of torture. Brutus sees how determined Portia is to prove that she is "stronger than her sex," and he rewards this sentiment with loving respect. Portia's argument with Brutus can be contrasted with Caesar's argument with Calpurnia. Caesar is far more authoritarian, and seems not to care that he is humiliating Calpurnia and causing her a great deal anguish in refusing to heed her advice regarding his meeting with the Senate.