Julius Caesar

Why does Brutus veto the suggestion to kill Antony along with Caesar?

It really bothers me that he just didn't kill two birds with one stone.

Brutus argues that Caesar's assassination would seem unnessecarily violent and less justified if they'd killed Antony, but why does he think this? Didn't he recieve the letter from Cassius believing that Rome WANTED Caesar's death in the first place?

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After Brutus agrees to participate in the murderous plot against Caesar, the men then discuss whether they should invite Cicero, the great orator, to join their plot. Brutus convinces them against it. Cassius also states Mark Antony should be killed along with Caesar, but again Brutus is against the plan, fearing they will be perceived as too bloody. Brutus doesn't see the assassination of Caesar in the same way he views a plot to murder Antony.