Julius Caesar

What is the tone of the speech that Cassius makes to Brutus in Act one Scene2

The speech begins with 'Therefore, good Brutus, be prepared to hear......'

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Because Cassius wanted Brutus to help kill Caesar because he was a friend of him, he made him felt like a powerful and wanted man. His tone is designed to Make Brutus feel that he his a key element to save Rome. It is flattering and perhaps even a little overdone. Cassius was building Brutus up upon false words. He told Brutus that he would be his “reflection” so he could see his true self. The only fault is that Cassius’s “reflection” is distorted. He is attempting to feed Brutus the thought that the people of Rome need him to stop Caesar’s ambition, which is also a lie, for Caesar was a selfless man. Cassius used ethical appeal to gain Brutus’s trust, which was not difficult. Persuasion is a clever way to gain the trust of someone, and many times it is deceitful. Brutus was fooled by Cassius and this set the stage for the tragedy of Brutus’s downfall.