Julius Caesar

what info does antony reveal to the crowd during his speech ?

when antony is making his speech at caesar's funeral , what does he reveal to the crowd ?

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This is Antony's famous (friends, Romans, Countrymen.....)speech. Antony has a difficult agenda. He means to convince the crowd to turn on the conspirators without outwardly condemning them. Antony does this in a few ways. He creates doubt by extolling the virtues of Brutus until it sounds almost like sarcasm. Antony also calls Caesar his friend, extolling the virtues of loyalty over ambition. Antony paints Caesar as the peoples' friend, almost a martyr. It isn't so much what Antony reveals to the crowd but how he reveals it. By careful manipulation, Antony is able to turn the crowd against the conspirators without publicly condemning them.