Julius Caesar

What does Antony ask of the conspirators if they plan to kill him?

Act 3, Scene 1

1. What does Antony ask of the conspirators if the plan to kill him?

2. Of what do they assure him?

3. Who doubts the wisdom of answering Antony's requests?

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Antony asks that they take the body to the market place and let him speak/orate at his funeral,

"Post back with speed and tell him what hath chanced.

Here is a mourning Rome, a dangerous Rome,

No Rome of safety for Octavius yet;

Hie hence, and tell him so. Yet stay awhile,

Thou shalt not back till I have borne this corpse

Into the market-place. There shall I try,

In my oration, how the people take

issue of these bloody men,

According to the which thou shalt discourse

To young Octavius of the state of things.

Lend me your hand."