Julius Caesar

What are the two sides of Brutus?

Just like how Caesar has two sides (a concept and a human), what are the two sides of Brutus?

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There are many sides to Brutus. He, even ore than Caesar, is a tragic hero in the play. Brutus is an idealist. He is a firm believer in a government guided by the votes of senators. Brutus, however, loves Caesar dearly. Although a close friend, Brutus can not accept the ascension on any single man to the role of Emperor or demi-god. Brutus is so committed to his ideals; it is easy for the conspirators to convince Brutus that Caesar must die. Here in lies the dichotomy of Brutus; he feels he must kill a man he clearly loves for a greater good. The irony of course is that after Caesar’s death the republic will be replaced by a bickering group of backstabbing conspirators. The self-serving ideals he wishes to destroy simply get switched with different men with self-serving interests.

Brutus can be considered the tragic hero of the play. He has two conflicting sides to his character. The first side is one of loyalty to his country. He wants his love for Rome overpower his love for Ceaser. He needs to set aside his fellings for his friend and realize that his country is going to fall because of the blind amintion that ceaser has. The other aspect of his character is that he wants to remain loyal to ceasaer and the friendship that they have.


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