Julius Caesar

What are some external and internal conflicts in Act 4?

I have to do an assignment. Here's the question(s). "Identity two external conflicts shown or referred to in Act 4. Describe two internal conflicts Brutus experiences in Act 4."

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Are the external conflicts for Brutus as well?

Ok, so this one is pretty simple. The two internal conflicts experienced by Brutus are the death of his wife, Portia (she killed herself by swallowing a hot coal, which caused her to choke- mentioned in Act 4, Scene 3) and his quarrel with Cassius over Cassius' refusal to lend him money, which takes up the majority of Act 4 scene 3.

As for the external conflicts, they have to refer to Brutus as well, or at the very least, his side while they are fighting against Marc Antony and Octavius. The first external conflict is that Octavius and Marc Antony are joining their armies together and moving that army towards Philippi, and I believe that the second conflict would be the composition of death lists (i.e. lists with the names of men who must die) by Octavius, Lepidus, and Marc Antony (Act four, Scene 1), which brings about the deaths of 70 Senators, including Cicero, who was a dear friend to Brutus and Cassius. (Act four, Scene 3)

Hopefully this helps you!