Julius Caesar

What are quotes Cassius said that demonstrates that he is jealous

What is the theme of Julius Caesar

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Cassius relates a story about a swim competition he had with Caesar where Caesar almost drowned and had to call Cassius to help him. This embellished story clearly shows Cassius's jealousy towards Caesar.

The troubled Tiber chafing with her shores, Caesar said to me, “Darest thou, Cassius, now Leap in with me into this angry flood And swim to yonder point?” Upon the word, Accoutred as I was, I plungèd in And bade him follow. So indeed he did. The torrent roared, and we did buffet it With lusty sinews, throwing it aside And stemming it with hearts of controversy. But ere we could arrive the point proposed, Caesar cried, “Help me, Cassius, or I sink!” I, as Aeneas, our great ancestor,