Julius Caesar

should we continue to study julius caesar in high school? why or why not?

i need 3 reasons why or why not

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Well, YES! We should study many Shakespearean plays in high-school. I shall, however, concentrate on Julius Caesar. It is best to consider some major themes of the play.

Loyalty- Should Brutus have been loyal to his friend Caesar, who he loved, or be loyal to a cause you think worthy.

Civil Disobedience- Should, like Brutus, you do a bad deed for a greater good? Brutus conspired against Caesar for the good of the Republic.

Public Self versus Private Self

Much of the play’s tragedy stems from the characters’ neglect of private feelings and loyalties in favour of what they believe to be the public good. Caesar won't heed the warnings of his fiends. Brutus will not confide in his wife Portia. Similarly today, can we separate a politician’s public and private life? How about your teacher's private and public life?

There are more themes which are relevant today, like fate vs free will, but I'll save that for another time.

I believe that we should still study the piece of history .

Today - the theme of Blind Ambition is still shown today in poltitics.

The Theme of Loyalaty still holds true because we have so many men and women fighting for our freedom today

Total power. Too much power can have dire consequences


the play julius ceasar

yes,there is every need to study julius caesar



Power just look at society today countries struggle to hold on to their power or have power over others

ambition everyone has the desire to control something whether it be a school function or their own abilities

Politics having a voice in your government and being able to represent your country.


julius caeaser

I don't think they should be taught in schools becuase the kids are supposed to be learning things that will help them out in life. How does learning about a guy who stabbes his best friend in the back teaching the kids? Its not. This is a ridiculous waste of time. My opinion.



no because it doesnt teach us anything other than how to manupilate people.