Julius Caesar

Julius Ceasar

1. How large is the army of Gaul compared to the army that Caesar takes with him?

2. What observations does Calpurnia write of in her letter to Caesar concerning Julia and Pompey?

3. What information does Calpurnia share with Caesar regarding their marriage?

4. Why does Caesar allow the man who remains behind to fight to go free?

5. Why are some of the senators upset with Caesar’s military decisions to attack peaceful towns?

6. Who is the new leader of the Gaul army? Where have we heard this name before?

7. With Caesar away at war, what has Pompey been doing?

8. How has the life of Pompey and Julia changed?

9. Why does Cato really want Pompey to bring Caesar back to Rome before he wins the war with Gaul?

10. What is Julia’s reply to Cato regarding Caesar and the war with Gaul?

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I'm sorry, these questions do not directly pertain to the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with history questions.