Julius Caesar

julius caesar

can some one explain act1 scene2 and 3 to me?

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Rather me replying you should just read the ClassicNote summary and analysis. It is pretty good.

hi=]..i'm not sure i'm at the right place for this question but i have an essay on the question ""to what extend do you believe that Brutus's involvement in the conspiracy and assasination of Caesar is purely by good intention"- until Act 3.Scene 2.Line 53..

what is your opinion..?please if you can help answer as soon as possible thanks :]

If you carefully read Brutus' speech in the text, he truly believes that killing Caesar is necessary to protect the Republic and return it to the people. Thus it is fair to argue that is with good intentions. As regards "purely" good intentions, ask yourself what Brutus stands to gain by killing Caesar.