Julius Caesar

interview of julius caesar - fun game !!! do try once

If you were in role of julius caesar how would you answer these questions.

1.Do you hold any grudges against brutus

2. How did u feel when brutus had you at knife point

3.Why did you not see the omens as warnings

.4.What are your reasons for turning the crown three times

5.Do you not feel inferior due to your epilepsy

how do you think caesar would answer these questions

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1. yes, he stabbed me!

2. wishing I had brought my own knife in today

3. my inability to see the omens is reflective of my personal hubris and my assumption that the people of Rome wanted me to lead them.

4. to build up more support for subsequent offers

5. no, if anything overcoming this kind of a physical challenge would have given me more confidence in my ability to lead other men.