Julius Caesar

How is the theme glory potrayed in Julius Caesar ?

There is this essay I'm supposed to write about the theme glory in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar

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Glory is portrayed in both positive and negative lights. Julius Caesar is hailed by the people for his victories in battle and held in such esteem that they are willing to make him their ruler. Caesar basks in the glory but refuses the crown. Although he thrives on the adulation.... he puts forth a humble countenance. None-the-less, he took the title of Caesar, which we can infer means his humility was an act for the crowds.

Brutus saw glory in a completely different way. He loved Caesar, but he also saw that his actions we contrary to Rome's ultimate goal. Thus, he took part in Caesar's murder. Did he take part in the assassination in a bid for glory.... to save Rome? I don't think so. Brutus was acting upon his own idealism, something proved in his death.


Julius Caesar