Julius Caesar

How is the theme cowardice potrayed in Julius Caesar ?

I need some examples on how the theme cowardice is potrayed in this great play by William Shakespeare for an essay that I have to write.

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Cowardice is portrayed as a major defect..... none of these men want to be remembered or perceived as cowards. Thus, their actions, might sometimes be seen as foolhardy or reckless, but in their own eyes there are no other choices. Caesar, for instance, refuses to take precautions. In Act II, he goes out among the crowd after many warnings that there are those who plot against him. Caesar, a proud man, refuses to heed these warnings, as his decision to stay might label him a coward by his peers...... this action would be death in itself. Thus, he goes to the sentate rather than be seen as afraid.

"Cowards die many times befor their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once."


Julius Caesar