Julius Caesar

How does antony lure the crowd with cesars will

How does Antony lure the crowd with Caesar will

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Antony is a master of rhetoric. WE are not entirely sure if what Anthony says is truthful but he uses the will to manipulate the plebeians. Antony is able to use the will to turn the people against the conspirators. He basically tells the citizens that the comparators tried to slander Julius Caesar and take away his power and all that JC wanted to share with the people. This causes the people to riot.

Antony very tactfully , lure the crowd with Caesar's will by saying that he has left 75 dramas to every Rome. Besides it, he tell the people that Caesar has left his private arbours and orchard for them on the side of Tinber Common men pleasure and ententertainment according to Antony, this caesar was Royal Caesar and couldn't be substituted.