Julius Caesar

Describe Calpurnia's dream.

Act 2. Scene 2.

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In her dream, Calpurnia sees Caesar's statue as a fountain, pouring blood from a "hundred spouts; many "lusty Romans" The Romans came to this statue and reveled in his blood. 

Calpurnia had been frightened by the visions that came in her dream.

She saw a lioness walking around the streets of Rome, the dead rising from their graves, Fearless warriors engaged in a battle in the sky. The people, the horses and the ghosts moaned and groaned (and neighed if they were a horse.). She saw the Capitol covered in blood.She saw Caesar's blood spouting out of fountains from his statue and lusty Romans dipping their handkerchiefs in it, smiling and bathing their hands in it.


Text : Julius Caesar Act II Scene II Explanation and remarks: Julius Caesar: A Critical Reader edited by Andrew James Hartley