Julius Caesar

Both Portia and Calpurnia try to influence their husbands. How do their methods differ?

Act 2 scenes one and two.

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Portia is almost like a modern day woman. She and her husband speak "to" each other (rather than at each other); they communicate; and they have a mutual respect and consideration for the other's feelings. Unfortunately, Brutus is later swayed by his friends and seems to forget what he has discussed with his wife.

Calpurnia, on the other hand, doesn't exert her influence by using thought and deduction. Caesar considers her hysteria foolishness. She shakes his confidence by sharing her fears and dreams, but those things do not influence his actions. The last comment in the play concerning Calpurnia is as follows;

"How foolish do you fears seem now, Calpurnia", Caesar says, "I am ashamed that I did yield to them."


Julius Caesar