Journey to the Center of the Earth

what happen in chapter 13??


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The men reach the Arctic Circle in Iceland and are greeted by the boer who'd welcome them into his humble home (described in the text as a peasant's home). The family provides the bbst of hospitality and takes care of the men as if they were family.

The next day they moved on, walking through boggy soil and crossing streams before entering a desert. Grass and trees disappeared, the soil was replaced by hardened lava. On June 20th, they arrived at a small village called Büdir, which was located on the sea shore. Greeted by Hans' family, they were well fed and put up for the night. Here, they would pay Hans his due and move on alone.

They left the next morning and approached the looming volcano. At the end of the chapter, and after four hours of walking, their horses stopped on the doorstep of a priest.


Journey to the Center of the Earth