Joseph Andrews

Why the Joseph Andrews is named so?? Valid answer inspite of this reason that the hero of the story was Joseph

I want some detailed answer to complete my term papaer

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I don't think there is any particular significance other than it is his family name. I read this in university and I don't recall meaning, subtle or not, behind the name. Is this an actual question somewhere?

It is named so because joseph andrew is connected with two literary works Pamela and Shamela. Henry fielding was not satisfied with "Shamela" so he wrote joseph andrews.

I think the right answer to this is that Joseph Andrews is a novel with a lot of religious undertones, preaching morality etc. So 'Joseph' has an immense significance because in the accounts of Abrahamic religions, Propher Joseph was the most beautiful and pious man of his time, defying the advances of an influential lady and guarding his virtue thus.

The 'Joseph' of Fielding's novel bears a striking resemblance with Propher Joseph, as he is recounted in history. That's how the name of our central character is so very meaningful.