Joseph Andrews

is joseph andrews is a parady of richardson pamela?

quote lines important to proved parady. and 1 more question...

who is showing charity in joseph andrews novel?

n what is the major theme behind joseph andrews novel?

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1) Joseph Andrews started out as a parody of Richardsonís Pamela, but soon left that purpose behind and now is regarded as the first English realistic novel. (1)

2) Mr. Abraham Adams is the benevolent, absent-minded, impecunious, and somewhat vain curate in Lady Booby’s country parish. He notices and cultivates Joseph’s intelligence and moral earnestness from early on, and he supports Joseph’s determination to marry Fanny. His journey back to the countryside coincides with Joseph’s for much of the way, and the vibrancy of his simple good nature makes him a rival of Joseph for the title of protagonist. (2)

One might say that Fielding’s religion focuses on morality and ethics rather than on theology or forms of worship; as Adams says to the greedy and uncharitable Parson Trulliber, “Whoever therefore is void of Charity, I make no scruple of pronouncing that he is no Christian.” (3)

Joseph Andrews has more then a few themes throughout, but all of it's themes go hand in hand with the larger theme of Christian values and acts of true godliness as opposed to the self-centered acts of those with power (often those in the church). This is a very broad theme as it encompasses many themes into a sort of generality. Gradesaver has a complete list of themes that are beautifully detailed here on this site.


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