Joseph Andrews

follow the ups and downs throughout the novel Joseph Andrews ?

Hi GradeSaver...

I have a question about the novel of (Joseph Andrews) which is:

Q-follow the ups and downs throughout the novel Joseph Andrews ?

Please I need a big answer, with refineries.

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This is indeed a detailed question, far too detailed to include what you need here in the Q&A forum. Gradesaver has a fantastic study guide for this novel, as well aas a variety of other items available to members. I suggest you start with the link below.


Thank you for your quick answer. I read the novel and I know its events, anyway, this summary is so helpful at the last day before the exam :) . But what i need is some key words or head lines to start my answer with. Just give them to me and i will write my own essay and if you want i will be happy to share it here with you for the sake of learning.

Your essay is to be built on headlines based on Joseph's experiences? You need a newspaper/ magazine type introduction? How many different keywords or events to you need to cover?

When you're finished, I would love to read your work. For me, it's an opportunity to see the work done by students other than my own. Raises the bar....... so to speak.