Johnny Tremain

Why did Johnny return to the Lapham's? What did he discover about his feelings toward Mrs. Lapham and old Mr. Lapham? What brought about the change in his feelings?

From Chapters 7-8.

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After a visit to his old home, Johnny’s opinions about the Laphams change again. He realizes that despite her rough exterior, Mrs. Lapham was a hard-working and dedicated mother. He also begins to have feelings for Cilla again, and enjoys visiting her at the Lytes’ house. However, Isannah (who is Lavinia’s special favorite) has grown haughty. Madge Lapham has taken up with a British sergeant, and being in love has made her much more pleasant. Johnny feels he has set things right with the Laphams and, although he enjoyed the visit, knows deep down he won’t come by again.