Johnny Tremain

which of the following best explains why johnny is so surprised by lavinia lyte's statement in this passage?

the young woman sat at last and murmured mor to herslef than to johnny "i must talk to you jonathan lyte tremain"

a. lavania seems irritable and in a rush so johnny is taken aback by her request to talk with him 

b. lavinia's use of his full name mocks johnny's belief that he is a memeber of the lyte family

c. lavinia previously refused to recognize johnnys use of the name lyte so her inclusion of it here could signal something important

d. lavinia has just announced that she is taking isannah to england with her, so johnny wonders why she wants to tlk to him instead of cilla

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C.  Lavinia previously refused to recognize Johnny's use of the name Lyte so her inclusion of it here could signal something important.

Lavinia actually tells Johnny he is related to the Lytes.


Johnny Tremain