Johnny Tremain

which line in the poem contains a metaphor?

1. I sit on the bank in my special place,

2. I feel the breeze that lifts my hair

3. and watch the ripples run across the river

3. it is so peaceful here

5. deep enough to justify a fishing pole

6. quiet enough for my every thought

7. the perfect place to contemplate

8. the world and my place in it

9. Down stream, though, the river changes

10. from the one I know

11. its calm flow reaches tocky shallows

12. and tarts to caper like a kitten

13. darting and chasing shadows among the stones

14. the river leaves shallows at a run

15. rushing faster and faster

16. a woldcat roaing past steep banks

17. and wold, wet rocks

18. it clawa and crashes in a furious flood

19. foaming and spitting as its fury is subdued

20. in the soothing depths of dark, still pools

21. tired and tamed by the journey 

22. the river transforms itself again

23. its power abates and it seems to move

24. with deliberation slower and wiser

25. past towns and mark its passing and then

26. go about their buisness

27. one by one towns pass by,

28. and the banks give way

29. to borders of salt-smelling mud marsh

30. without need sensless show of strength

31. the river relaxes like an aging lion

32. done with the hunt and ready for rest

33. the water slows until it reaches its destiny

34. a place not too different from mine

where the water stretches to meet the sky

36. where others just like me use the mirrored stream

37. to fisj and contemplate

38. the world and their place in it.

which line contains a metaphor

25, 18, 16, 6 

what can you conclude from the figurative language you identified in the last question

people are afraid of swimming in the river

the river's water are rough under a smooth surface

the water in the river is loud like a roar

the river is moving quickly and becomes rough

I know these have nothing to do with Johnny tremain but could someone help?

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Sorry, your poem really needs to relate to a particular work listed in GradeSaver. A brief scan of your poem looks like personifications, which is a type of metaphor, in numerous lines.