Johnny Tremain

What is the difference of the two families ( the Lorne family and the Laphams family )

Use this quote ''Aunt Lorne, Uncle Lorne, and Rab all took it for granted that Johnny ought to read. Mrs. Lapham could not have borne the sight of so 'idle' a boy".

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Uncle Lorne is the printer of the Boston Observer. He employs Rab and eventually Johnny. He is a Whig and although he does not like fighting, he contributes to the revolt by printing 'seditious' newspapers and pamphlets. He valued language and the ability to read. The Laphams consist of Mrs.Lapham who is a widow with four daughters: Madge, Dorcas, Cilla, and Isannah. Mrs. Lapham is the daughter in law of Mr. Lapham the silversmith. THey value work ethic and decent trade. They might feel that reading made for idle hands.