Johnny Tremain

What happened to Cilla from Johnny's past?

From chapters 7-8

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In Chapter Seven, we learn that Cilla is working for the Lyte family, where Lavinia treats her terribly.

In Chapter Eight, Johnny goes back to the Lyte's home that they've left in a hurry for safety's sake. Cilla forgot to bring the silver and feels guilty because of her neglect. Talking to Cilla, Johnny learns that Mrs. Lapham has married Mr. Tweedie. He also finds out that Rab has been taking Cilla out walking without telling Johnny. However, Cilla says she could never marry Rab because her married name––Priscilla Silsbee––would sound silly. She remarks that Priscilla Tremain would be a fine name. Johnny notices that Cilla has grown into a beautiful woman. They have a romantic moment and she gives him an apple.