Johnny Tremain

What adult responsibilities do Johnny, Rab and Celia have?

in many ways johnny rab and celia seem far older than they really are.. what adult responsiblilities do they have? use text referenceto support your answer..

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During this time, boys were generally only kept at home or in school until they were fourteen years old. After this, most had to learn a trade. Johnny became an apprentice to a silversmith; Rab worked for a printer.

At fourteen, Cilla is engaged to Johnny, an arrangement set up by her parents. Girls were often engaged at a young age and had no choce as to their intended husbands. Cilla is also the main caretaker of her younger sister, who is sickly. The job of caregiver and nurse isn't a job for experts, but rather, whoever is available. Cilla eventually moves into the Lyte home and acts as a servant.


Johnny Tremain