Johnny Tremain


Explain the British tax on colonial tea. What response is planned by Sam Adamsand the other Observers? How does Johnny help implement these plans?

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It is autumn 1773, and the colonies are in an uproar about England’s new tax on tea. Forbes explains England’s reasons for imposing the tax. The monarchy thinks that the tax—which is relatively small—will make the tea cheaper in the long run, and the colonists won’t notice the difference. The Whigs object to paying any taxes at all, because they are not represented in Parliament. So, when the ships arrive in the harbor with tea from India (which will be taxed), the Whigs want to prevent it from getting to American stores. If the tea doesn’t get to the stores, then no colonists will be able to pay taxes on it.

Early Sunday morning, Sam Adams visits the print shop to tell Rab, Uncle Lorne, and Johnny about an impending uprising. He needs Uncle Lorne to print posters urging the public to help stop the English tea from being unloaded. Rab calls an emergency meeting of the Boston Observers, and asks Johnny to inform them while he is out doing his deliveries.

When a group of boys recruited by Rab gathers at the print shop to put on their disguises for raiding the ships––they are dressed like “Indians” (132) in black and red. Rab sends Johnny to Old South Church to get news from Sam Adams about whether the British are leaving or staying.

Adams gives the code phrase––“This meeting can do nothing more to save the country” (134) and Johnny blows a whistle. Many young men begin to yell and run for the harbor. Johnny returns to the print shop, and he and Rab head for the harbor together.


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