Johnny Tremain

johnny tremain - classic - frustration: NEED BY 9/4-5/13

how/ who did he have a different attitude towards - like one day he would be nice and the next hate them (so to speak)

frustration: wasn't it with mr. lapham's religion over work?

if you have any more suggestions please do help!!!!! i have to have this done by today. please go look at my other questions if you can?!?!?!

thanks for all your help

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First part~ the attitude of ? frustration of ? Are we talking about Johnny here?

Also, please enter chapters when possible.

ummm....the frustration of johnny: wasn't he frustrated bc mr. lapham put his religion over work on the sabbath

johnny's attitude: how he would love someone one day and then hate the next (relatively speaking - just a figure of speach)