Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain chapter 4

Which lines from the novel support the answer to the prevoius question?


A.) "He;s sly. When the merchants agreed not to import any English goods until the Stamp Act was repealed, he was on of the first to sign--then imported secertely. Solds through another name."

B.) "He says if Mrs. Lapham lets cilla testify for you, he'll take a ship back to Baltimore. Says he's sensitive and a great artist and he can't be upset by thieves and brawlers"

C.) "My mother, sir." The boy's voice shook slightly. " She told me... she always sais... "I can go on from there, boy. Your mother on her deathbed tolf you you were related to the rich Boston merchant?"

D.) Mr Lyte was talking as informally as though he and Mr. Dana were alone together, sitting at a tavern, craking walnuts, drinking Maderia.

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In order to answer this, we would need to know what the previous question was.

I Need The Answer To It . The Question Was Witch Lines From The Novel Support The Answer To The Pervious Question .

The Pervious Question Was What Kind Of Person Is Merchant Lyte ?

A .) Kind & Genours

B .) Crass & Sloppy

C .) Devious & Manipulative

D .) Intelligent & Hardworking