Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain

Describe the realtionship between Johnny Tremain and Cilia

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Mrs. Lapham has four daughters. They like to tease Johnny––especially Cilla, who is Johnny’s age. The two teenagers are supposed to marry when they grow up, and together they will inherit the silver business. Johnny is not attracted to Cilla, but he doesn’t mind marrying her if it helps his career.

After the accident, Johnny responds angrily when Cilla tries to comfort him. Unable to work for his keep, Johnny starts skipping lunches so he won’t be a burden, but Cilla usually sneaks him some food. Soon, Johnny's position becomes even more precarious, when Mrs. Lapham tells him that he has to move back to the attic so that Mr. Tweedie can have the birth-and-death room. She also tells Johnny that he must stop insulting Mr. Tweedie, and that he shouldn’t be friends with Cilla anymore since there is no hope of them marrying. Johnny rudely insults Mr. Tweedie and says that he doesn’t want to marry Cilla anyway.

After leaving the Laphams, Johnny sees Cilla and Isannah in the street one day. Now that Johnny is gone, Mr. Tweedie makes Cilla fetch water for the silversmith. Johnny is upset to see the pretty, delicate girl being forced to do hard labor. He carries the water for her and introduces Cilla to Goblin. He asks Cilla to meet him on Thursdays and Sundays––or whenever she is sent for water––so that he can carry it for her. She is reluctant at first, but she agrees when Johnny admits that he really just wants an excuse to talk to her and Isannah.

All in all, Johnny and Cilla are friends. Their presumed marriage would have been an arranged one, but they did care for one another.