Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain

What job is Johnny training for?

What is the item that the colonists in Boston are protesting against?

Why was Johnny not supposed to be working when he got injured?

Who is the Admiral that is in charge of the Navy stationed in Boston?

What are some of the jobs that Johnny looked for after his injury?

What happens to Johnny when he approaches his relative about a cup to prove his relation?

Who helps Johnny to get out of trouble?

Who is his lawyer?

What is the verdict at the end of his trial?

What job does Johnny finally end up getting?

What is the name of the group that leads the protests in Boston?

Why isn’t Johnny allowed to write down anyone’s name who subscribes to the newspaper?

How do they tell the committee members what time they will be meeting?

What does Johnny have to do to let the “Indians” know that the Governor turned down the Committee’s request?

What orders are given to the “Indians” before they board the ship?

When would the Governor allow the port of Boston to re-open?

Where does Johnny find out the British soldiers are going to capture arms?

What does the man speaking at the last meeting of the committee say why the colonists should fight against the British? (Johnny yells it out)

Where does the first conflict between the colonists and the British take place?

How do the colonists attack the British on their way back to Boston?

Does Johnny survive?

Name some of the famous people that you recognize from the movie?

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Johnny is apprenticed as a silversmith.

Please list your questions separately.


Johnny Tremain

The item colonists are protesting against tea

Johnny was training for a silversmith.